Tezuka Month is over! Thanks everybody!

Wow, that was really quite an experience! Ani-Gamers' first-ever Theme Month was much more than just a series of articles about one of our all-time favorite manga and anime artists. It was a reminder that, when we all get together, online anime fandom can collaborate to produce some really awesome, cross-blog content.

Yes, Osamu Tezuka Month started at Ani-Gamers, but it would not have been anywhere near as successful without the help of the many bloggers and readers who took up the task of promoting the work of Osamu Tezuka throughout the month. I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who promoted and participated in the Theme Month, including — but certainly not limited to — Ed Chavez (Vertical, Inc. Marketing Director), Tim Maughan (Tim Maughan Books), Ninjatron (Astro Boy World), Daniella Orihuela-Gruber (All About Manga), the staff of Insert-Disc, and Scott Green (AICN Anime), who all helped expand the reach of the Theme Month through providing review/contest copies of books, blogging about Tezuka, or tweeting with the #TezukaMonth hashtag.

Naturally, I cannot forget to thank the most important people of all: the writers and podcast hosts here at Ani-Gamers who truly drove Tezuka Month to success by producing even more content than I could publish in an adequate amount of time. A special thanks goes out to Ani-Gamers staffers Ink, Elliot, and Uncle Yo, and guest contributors Hisui & Narutaki (Reverse Thieves), Phillip (Eeeper's Choice), Frederik L. Schodt (personal site), and Ed Sizemore (Manga Worth Reading).

Now it's your turn to contribute! What did you like about Tezuka Month, and what didn't you like? What kind of Theme Month would you like to see on the site in the future? I think I speak for the entire Ani-Gamers staff when I say that we'd love to do another one of these sometime soon, so let us know what you want to read about!

Check out all of the themed posts that we published in March at our Theme Months page.


Yan V said...

"Wow." That pretty much encompasses my feelings about the sheer success and girth of what was accomplished with Tezuka Month. At first, I believed that it was going to be a few single posts and maybe one discussion but DAMN if it didn't balloon into something massive. I think the only bad part about all this is the fact that my poor wallet will soon be thinner due to all the Tezuka purchases I plan on making. Big thanks to everyone involved!

Go Nagai theme month, please!

Evan but not that Evan said...

I loved Tezuka month. I wanted to post something relevant to the subject, but I am not as well-read in his work as I would like to be. And the ones I have read are the important ones that already get plenty of coverage. If only I hadn't already reviews Lost World only a couple months before! [Though I should have reviewed Dororo- I love that series!]

However, I had a ton of fun reading about Tezuka and didn't let a post on here pass by without being read. I definitely have some more titles to look into, thanks to the theme month.

Titles I read this month: Black Jack volume 3, Astro Boy 19 and 21

For future theme months, I would like to see super robots!

Elliot Page said...

This was great fun to do, and watching it blossom into reality from a hare-brained internal e-mail chain even better.

just kind of hacked off that I have had to spend most of the month looking for a new place to live, or else I would have written more. ;)

Ninjatron said...

Way to go, Ani-Gamers! Tezuka month was a lot of fun.

I second the vote for a Go Nagai month.


Evan Minto (Vampt Vo) said...

Man, you guys are the best. I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading about Tezuka this past month. I was afraid that it might have gotten boring with too much discussion of one topic, but it seems like the response is overwhelmingly positive!

Go Nagai Month, hmmm? Super Robots? And Hisui suggested Gundam Month. I like these ideas. Unfortunately I haven't seen much of Nagai's anime, but I've got a bunch of episodes of Getter Robo and Mazinger Z sitting around on my hard drive (which would also be great for a Super Robot Month).

We could potentially pull of a Go Nagai Month, but I would have to give the writers some time to track down enough material to write about. Gundam is a little more doable, since Bandai has so much of it available in English, and Super Robots is general enough to be worth a shot. Who knows, maybe we'll do all of them at some point!

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