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I decided to expand the Ode to Kirihito contest a little bit by putting people into the running even if their comment was after midnight on March 31. (Double posts didn't give you an extra chance however.) So, with that in mind, the four randomly-selected winners of the Ode to Kirihito contest for Osamu Tezuka Month are F-Man, Ninjatron, Steve, and Yan.

Everybody on that list but F-Man has their e-mail address in their Blogger profile, so I can easily get in contact with all of you. If you're reading this, F-Man, send me an e-mail at evanm [at] anigamers [dot] com to claim your prize and tell me your address!

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who commented, and particularly commend you on contributing more significant content than "hey I want a prize too lol." You guys made writing the articles this month that much more worthwhile with the knowledge that somebody out there was reading them and appreciating them. Thanks!

Meanwhile, I've still got prizes to give away here. (Thanks for all of the great stuff, Vertical!) To find out how to enter the third Tezuka Month contest, which is totally running over into April, you'd best listen to Ani-Gamers Podcast #028a for the details. Good luck!


Yan V said...

The content of your posts and podcasts deserve tons of commentary. It really was much pleasure reading and listening to the discussions. This is one of those times where upon I wish I were better at forming a concise opinion so that I could partake in the involving discussion. Regardless, I'm planning on going through the older podcasts to see what I've missed!

How exciting! First and foremost, a big word of thanks to you, Evan, and the rest of the Ani-Gamers cast not to mention the people who contributed from the outside (posts + podcasts). I have to thank my good friend Jon from Janai Blog for a referral to this website -- Few such websites cater to my tastes quite like Ani-Gamers. Also, congratulations to the other winners.

Evan Minto (Vampt Vo) said...

Thanks a bunch for the kind words, Yan, and I'm glad to hear that you'll be checking out more of the podcast. We've discussed a pretty wide variety of topics, so I hope you enjoy at least a couple of the episodes.

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