Finally back in the game

Gomen nasai minna-san! I just got back from a Japanese language immersion camp, where I learned the language for two weeks straight. While the camp was fun, I was pining to get back to Ani-Gamers and continue to provide AnimeNEXT coverage for whatever readers haven't given up on us yet.

So fear not, readers, I have returned. In the next week, I will be doing my best to give you a blast of my AnimeNEXT coverage in the forms of podcast episodes, write-ups, and a convention report. Thanks for sticking with us, and I hope to have everything back to speed in no time.


Anonymous said...

gomennasai is one word.

Vampt Vo said...

I actually believe that it is correctly Romanized as two words, but does it really matter? Japanese doesn't even have spaces.

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