Win a copy of MW for Tezuka Month!

MW, one of Osamu Tezuka's darkest manga series

To begin the first of three — yes, three — contests for Tezuka Month here at Ani-Gamers, we will be giving away two new paperback copies of one of the darkest manga series ever to come out of the mind of Osamu Tezuka: MW. The story follows the exploits of the bisexual criminal mastermind Michio Yuki and his lover, Catholic priest Father Gurai. Both men were survivors of a poisonous gas leak, and the effects of the poison have warped Yuki's mind, turning him into a twisted monster. The series, created in the late 1970s, represents the darkest time for Tezuka, both in his personal and professional life.

For more information on MW, read our very own Mitchell Dyer's review of the mind-blowing one-volume story. But how do you get your hands on a copy from us? Well, we're starting this first contest off with something pretty simple. In the comments below, let us know what your favorite Tezuka manga is, and WHY (that part is important). If you haven't read any Tezuka manga, let us know which one you're most looking forward to checking out and why.

At midnight EST next Sunday (March 14), we will randomly select two winners, and they will receive brand-new paperback copies of MW, courtesy of the fine folks at Vertical, Inc. Have fun, and don't hesitate to discuss your choices with each other in the comments!

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Jordan Yates said...

I've never read a Tezuka manga, but after doing a little research on what MW was about, I definitely want to read that. I'm into thriller-type mangas, and especially ones that will get me thinking. :)

Joshkdmw said...

I'd like to enter.

A admit, the only Osamu Tezuka Manga I've read any of was Astro Boy - and that was years ago, and only a chapter or two.


I've always wanted to read Black Jack. They always stuck out to me in the local stores, as their covers were, well... covered with drawings of human organs. Then I read up on it, and I thought the premise of a Manga about a gifted doctor could only go a couple of ways.

1) It's a completely new and interesting take on doctoring that'll make me think of it every time I watch House, or,

2) It's a drama-heavy, character-driven piece with little traditional action, but a lot of storytelling.

Neither of which are mutually exclusive, and both seem equally awesome.

ehelmstetter said...

Having read my fair share of Black Jack, I'd have to say it was a glorious combination of the two, making it easily my favorite by Tezuka. I will admit, though, that the relatively small portion of Buddha I managed to read was and equally powerful and entertaining read.

Patz said...

Black Jack...Because he's F'n Black Jack

fearlessfirefly said...

MW! ♥ But seriously, my favorite Tezuka manga is Ode To Kirihito. It's also my favorite manga bar none; it is a breathtaking tale of human strength and is just plain friggin' awesome!

Daniel Briscoe said...

Black Jack is probably my favorite work he's done in my opinion for a few reasons. The first is that it ran for a very long time, and within that long period of time, Tezuka rarely ever recycled stories he had told in previous volumes. And when he did, he typically put a different twist on it, and made it different, even if subtly. The second, is Black Jack is introspective, and makes the reader look at themselves and some things in the world and ask questions about what they believe or how they view a particular subject.

Within each volume of Black Jack, there are so many topics that can spur discussion, it's an amazing work for nothing else than it incites it's readers to discussion, and that is the mark of a truly gifted writer.

Evan but not that Evan said...

I am tempted to say "Lost World" only to mess with people, but I'll be a good boy.

Sadly, I have only started getting into Tezuka about the last year or so, Astro Boy aside.

Out of the stuff that I have read, Black Jack easily has me most excited. One aspect that always sticks out is how much impact each story can have, while not using many pages or drawing anything out.

I have to give major props to Astro Boy, though, for being a long running juvenile series that always stays intelligent and well crafted.

allaboutmanga said...

I would have to say Ode to Kirihito is my favorite. I read part of it in college and it completely changed all my perceptions about manga and got me more interested in manga as a serious, professional world.

I'm looking forward to seeing Vertical release more and more Tezuka stuff!

Zach said...

My favorite Tezuka work is Appollo's Song because it has about everything you could ask for. Nudity, action, betrayal, and crazy metaphorical endings. All in one work you can see multiple sides of Tezuka. It may not be everyone's favorite but it makes me feel something, and that's what I ask from my manga.

Ninjatron said...

My favorite Tezuka manga is Black Jack because, quite simply, Black Jack is a quiet bad-ass character, and so am I.


majinsteph said...

I'm going to pick Phoenix because I'm really into the life/death/resurrection themes, and because it encompasses so many different stories which always managed to keep my interest.

Todd said...

My favorite Tezuka manga would have to be "Apollo's Song". It was probably the most unique manga titles I have read to this day, and it delves into heavy themes (similar to what I have seen of MW).

Evan Minto (Vampt Vo) said...

Wow, I'm glad to see so much love for Black Jack in the comments! I've only read the first volume of it, but it is easily one of my favorite Tezuka manga.

@Josh: BJ certainly is a "new" take on doctoring, though I think you'll find that it is hardly the kind of realistic medical thriller that you would expect from an artist with a medical degree. Still, it shines because of its writing. Tezuka really knows how to write short vignettes that grab your heart in their final moments.

@Evan: I haven't read Lost World yet, but if it's anything like the Metropolis manga (which was written around the same time), it's probably among Tezuka's worst stories.

@majinsteph: Ack, I really need to read Phoenix! As a big fan of Buddha, I think it has the potential to be among my favorite Tezuka series.

@fearlessfirefly & allaboutmanga: Ode to Kirihito is spectacular! I just recently picked up Vertical's original one-volume release, and I loved it. There are some really brutal moments in it, and I especially loved Tezuka's treatment of depravity (such as rape). He manages to be tasteful while fully expressing how horrible the act is.

Anyway, my personal favorite at the moment is quite a difficult choice. It's a close competition between Buddha and Ode to Kirihito, but I just might have to say Buddha, even though I have only read three volumes of it. The story is intensely personal and emotional while retaining its absolutely epic scale, and Tezuka's full-page shots of mountains and forests are simply breathtaking.

Brent P. Newhall said...

Cool! Thanks for the giveaway.

Can't say I have a favorite Tezuka manga, though, as I appreciate different ones in different ways. Buddha's an impressive work of vast breadth and depth, touching on important philosophical and religious questions. Dororo and Apollo's Song are gripping, tragic adventures in their own ways. Phoenix goes everywhere and does everything. Astro is plain fun; I could read any episode any day.

If I had to pick, I'd have to go with Buddha, as that one impresses me most.

Evan Minto (Vampt Vo) said...

Aaaaand the winners are in! Congratulations to allaboutmanga and Ninjatron. Now I need you guys to tell me your e-mail addresses (which I should have asked for earlier, whoops!) so we can discuss shipping you your prizes.

Thanks to everybody who entered, and I wish you all luck in this week's contest!

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