Digital manga to be released via WiiWare

Monster, by Naoki UrasawaAs reported in the New York Times yesterday, four of Japan’s major manga publishing houses have come together to form Librica, which will distribute manga via the Nintendo Wii’s WiiWare channel. The four houses that make up Librica are Kadokawa (Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion), Kodansha (Akira, Sailor Moon), Shueisha (Death Note, Dr. Slump), and Shogakukan (Monster, Mobile Police Patlabor).

Very few details are available about the service; however, Librica has stated that it’s open to adding more publishing houses after the service has launched. There is also talk internally of expanding the service to including distribution on the DS as well. As for information on the pricing structure or release date of the service, no details are yet available. And if you’re wondering whether the service will be coming state side, just keep in mind that all four of these publishing houses have seen their works released in North America.

[via Kotaku]


Vampt Vo said...

American version? Not gonna happen.

As we all know, the licenses for manga properties are split up differently in America than they are in Japan, making this program legally unfeasible.

I could see a possibility of a program like this in America, but it would have to be made by the American manga companies. I'm not putting my money on a Librica port.

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