Vampt Vo's Photoshop Appears on Joystiq Podcast

Super Joystiq Podcast Brawl Today's episode of the Joystiq Podcast featured the Photoshopping work of a very lucky anime and gaming writer who just might be named Evan "Vampt Vo" Minto. Joystiq's Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann, and Justin McElroy were nice enough to include my image (pictured on the left) of the three of them in their roles from Game of the Year 2008 Super Joystiq Podcast Brawl. Thanks to Chris, Ludwig, and Justin (okay, Griffin too) for posting the picture and shamelessly plugging Ani-Gamers.

The podcast is undoubtedly my favorite--and possibly the best--gaming podcast out there. Feel free to check out this week's episode, Over the Hill Edition.


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